Talk To A Scientist has been lucky to receive wonderful messages from participants, teachers, families, educators, guest speakers and the wider scientific community!

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"TTAS has got profound impact on my 10-year-old daughter. The moment the summer quiz was announced this year, she was exuberant. She has gone through all the videos uploaded by your team in the official You Tube channel on a daily basis. She insisted that I too watch the videos…Since I could not afford much of my time, she took notes of the sessions and briefed me on the sessions. Never did she miss a day to go through the videos…Daily even after school re-opened, she made it a point to go through the You tube videos and take notes of the sessions on her own. The credit goes to you, the organizers…"

- From the mother of a young mind

"I have also shared the prints of the book with his day care.. they are planning to organise some experiments in the day care during holidays for the kids above 6 yrs. Thanks for making this wonderful project available online and accessible"

- From the parent of a young mind

"Thank you TTAS & the young ones for the wonderful experience! Humbled, honoured and amazed! The curiosity, spectrum of thoughts, the grasp of information by the young ones was simply amazing & I must congratulate you for organising these outreach events for 3 years now!"

- From a guest speaker