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world science Day, November 10, 2021

Read what our young minds had to say About their special science moments!

World Science Day - Most Memorable Science Moments.pdf

Enjoy some brief excerpts from the compilation!

Swayamsiddha Mishra, 12 years

I’ll share one incident labeled as my favorite science moment. A year ago, on a rainy afternoon, I got a message from my teacher to make a working project and send a video on it. What will my project be based on? This was the question that threw me into the bottomless pit of confusion. Because of unpredictable rains we used to forget to get our drying clothes inside. So I thought of making a simple rain detecting machine. With the help of my father, I was able to complete the project in about two days due to its simplicity.

Vrinda Prasanth, 9 years

The day I experimented on making a stone out of my garden soil is my most memorable scientific moment till date. As I was playing around with the soil, I made a ball out of some wet red soil, coated it with some robo sand, sprinkled some water on it and left it in a shady place to dry. Lo! Few hours later it was hard like a stone. Out of curiosity to test whether it was really a stone I hit it against a wall and it broke. This taught me that though it takes a rock or stone to become soil through millions of years, a stone cannot be formed from soil/sand, it is an irreversible process.

Alaa Khalid Siddiqui, 13 years

TTAS has really changed my view of science as a subject. Their sessions make me more eager to learn about the different disciplines of science. The weekly webinars they conduct are very smooth-going, educative, interactive and fun! The most memorable science moment with TTAS was when they appreciated me for suggesting science topics related to mental health and sports.

Kavish Pingali, 9 years

I like all the sessions of TTAS, each one is memorable in its own – DNA & RNA, Covid-19 vaccines, Diatoms, Hydra, Primates, Polymers to name some. But when TTAS asked for our ideas, in my opinion, that was the best. TTAS gave the opportunity to all of us to present our ideas on what we want in the future sessions. We came up with so many interesting and exciting topics.

Aniruddha Mukherjee, 9 years

My most favourite TTAS session was on 'Primates'. I learned that most monkey related animals are primates. In fact, even humans are primates! I always wanted to know about this amazing subject. Virendra Sir taught us so much about it! And it was because of TTAS that I could learn so much about it.

Bhargavi Ramakrishnan, 9 years

In the past few months TTAS has been conducting interesting sessions for us. I have enjoyed all the sessions and I learnt exciting stuff from them. I enjoyed the session on astrobiology the most because it covered a lot of things about outer-space. In astrobiology we learnt about amazing things like tardigrades, extremophilés, etc. The most interesting part about this session was that we learnt about moons of other planets.

Abhay Kaushik, 10 years

My favourite science moment is when my mother talked to me about genetic disorders like Haemophilia and Sickle Cell Disease. She also taught me about X and Y chromosomes and how the disorders are carried on chromosomes. She taught me about haemophilia using an example of monarchies across Europe. One example she gave me is how Queen Victoria of the UK got a spontaneous mutation that made her a carrier of haemophilia and passed it on to 3 of her children. I really enjoyed learning this topic because it was very easy for me to understand and it made me feel excited to learn more about genetic disorders.

age specific webinar

talk to a scientist about Biofilms and Beehives!

July 31, 2021

Talk To A Scientist hosted our first age-specific webinar for 13-18 years. In this webinar we learnt about biofilms, using an analogy (comparison) with beehives, highlighting the similarities and differences between them. Content was prepared with 13-18 year olds in mind.

The analogy-based modules, along with pre-session and post-session feedback is presented as an eductaion tool to introduce biofilms to high school and undergraduate students. If you are an educator or teacher and would like to implement this in your class, please get in touch with us!

Sneak peeks from biofilms and beehives

Family quiz series

April 25, 2021

4-5 pm IST

May 23, 2021

4-5 PM IST

june 20, 2021

4-5 PM IST

TTAS hosted a summer family quiz series!

Our young minds shared the joy of science and TTAS with their families.

All in a fun, engaging, virtual format.

Top scoring families received Amazon gift vouchers!

Sneak peeks from Quiz 1

With Quiz Scoring Master Samatha Mathew

Sneak peeks from Quiz 2

With Quiz Scoring Master Sohini Chakraborti

Sneak peeks from Quiz 3

With Quiz Scoring Master Virendra Mathur

content is free to use in virtual family get togethers, parties, science clubs!