Hands-on Science e-book

The Talk to a scientist hands-on science e-book!

A completely free resource with 10 step-by-step simple and fun science activities developed by the TTAS Team to help young minds do fun science activities at home!



Send us photos of you using the e-book, doing the activities or the activity results!

With your permission, we will feature it on our website with your first name and age!

Email: talktoascientistindia@gmail.com

The TTAS hands-on science e-book launch was on

 December 17, 2022, 5-6pm IST 

A virtual launch event and open Q/A with guest scientists!

Meet the "FAB FIVE" who worked together on the e-book to ensure exciting, engaging, and fun hands-on activities! 


Prof. Surendra Ghaskadbi, Agharkar Research Institute, Pune

Writing anything scientific is demanding and preparing a hands-on science E-book for children probably qualifies as one of the most exciting and challenging tasks.  Children are extremely inquisitive but can get bored quickly. I am sure this E-book will keep them fully engaged for several days and many of them will go back to it again and again. Some of them will even remember to acknowledge the influence of this book for making them interested in science after they become accomplished scientists and/or science teachers. Karishma and Snehal are therefore to be congratulated for this endeavor. The experiments in the book are exciting, doable and will be highly rewarding to the inquisitive minds, both young and not so young. The book is very reader-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Obviously, a lot of thought and efforts have gone into preparing this book as is the case for every TTAS activity. It is because of this highest level of commitment that I have always been a great fan of the TTAS program. Many congratulations to Karishma, Snehal and the entire team! With every activity of TTAS, one’s expectations are raised but I am confident that the TTAS team will live up to them and continue with this unique program.

Prof. Gautam Menon, Ashoka University, Sonipat

Karishma Kaushik and Snehal Kadam show how scientific ideas that are central to our lives can be illustrated through simple hands-on experiments that any child can do. These include antibiotic resistance, global warming and the nature of DNA. Beautifully illustrated, creatively designed, written in simple language and honed through experience in teaching, this is a book I really wish I could have read myself, while growing up.

Dr. Divya P Kumar, JSS Medical College, Mysuru

Wow! After reading the TTAS team's "Hands-on science for young brains" e-book, I am at a loss for words. Karishma, Snehal, and the team's efforts and commitment are highly commendable. I really enjoyed this activity book because it is simple, educational, and has lovely illustrations. I've had a great time speaking at the TTAS in one of the sessions, and I'm inspired by how enthusiastic the young attendees are. Undoubtedly, TTAS has been among the most effective outreach initiatives in recent times, and I'm confident that the young minds have benefited from the opportunity to learn science and engage with scientists. I wish the TTAS crew nothing but success. Kudos! to each of you on achieving this milestone.  

Ipsa Jain, Independent Science Artist

TTAS project has been working well for its audience for the last two years. The project has shared the joys of science via a screen through conversations and demos. Now the power duo of Karishma and Snehal has collated this wonderful resource as a new offering for their audience. This activity book contains fun and simple DIY experiments that will encourage people to 'Do science' themselves in their household with frugal resources. I am sure this will empower their young audience in newer ways!

Dr. Samatha Mathew, CSIR-IGIB, New Delhi

The TTAS team has truly made a difference in educating the yound minds of the country in simple but effective ways for years now. The publishing of this free e-book means that science experimenting can become a thing of every household now. The carefully curated DIY experiments spanning across a wide range of the fields will ensure that a young mind will get an expanded view of what it means to do Science. What TTAS has been doing is exemplary science communication and the e-book now expands the horizons of their positive impact.

Nandita Jayaraj, Azim Premji University, Bengaluru

I was working part-time at a primary school back when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, so I saw firsthand how challenging it was to keep kids engaged virtually. TTAS emerged at the right place at the right time, and under the right and able hands of scientists Snehal and Karishma. In the coming weeks, I heard many glowing reviews from my colleagues in Mangaluru, siblings in Bangalore and Alappuzha, as well as my hardworking school teacher aunt in Kochi. I've had a soft spot for TTAS since then. I have no doubt that this new booklet by the team will be another great resource for caregivers, science educators and classroom facilitators.