If you have a question that is not answered here, please get in touch with us!

  1. Are your sessions conducted in person?

No, our sessions are completely online! This means you can join us from the safety of your own home!

2. How long are the sessions?

The weekly sessions run for about an hour, from 5 - 6 pm. Sometimes a little longer, when the discussion takes a life of its own!

3. What platform is used to conduct your sessions online?

Currently, we use a subscription-based Zoom platform to conduct all our sessions.

4. Are your sessions live or pre-recorded?

All our sessions are live! This means our young minds get to interact in real-time with working scientists, and ask questions directly throughout the sessions. Using the chat window as well as direct conversation, the scientist-founders' and guest scientists interact and answer questions live.

5. How can I find out about each session?

We announce the upcoming session (on Monday) the previous week, and share the poster and registration details on our website here. We also post it on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

If you want to get an email for each of our sessions, you can sign up to our mailing list here (we assure you we will not spam your inbox with multiple emails)!

6. How do I register for each session?

On our website or through our mailing list, you will find a registration link for each session. Once you fill in the details and register, you will get an email with details of how to join the meeting on Zoom. Registration is mandatory to join the session.

7. How do you take care of privacy concerns in the online platform?

We ensure that only those who have registered with proper details as required in the registration link are allowed to enter the zoom meeting.

Participants join via a waiting room that is monitored by the hosts (scientist-founders').

The meeting room is closed (by the host) 10 minutes after the start of the session.

Chat between participants is disabled.

In our sessions, all participants are free to switch off their videos.

We do not record our sessions or upload them anywhere after the session is done. For sessions where our Zoom Meeting Limit is reach, in order to allow more participants to take part, we stream our sessions live on YouTube. To maintain privacy, the link for this streaming in emailed only to those who have registered in advance.

8. Do you record your sessions?

We do not record our sessions or upload them anywhere after the session is done.

This is for two important reasons:

The focus of TTAS is live interactions with scientists, and discussions on science topics. We do not believe recorded sessions have the ability to recapitulate the lively interactions and live Q/A.

We are very cognizant of the privacy of our young minds and do want want recorded sessions to compromise their identity, location or information in anyway.

9. I tried joining the meeting, but it says 100 person Zoom limit. What can I do?

When we reach our Zoom Limit, we stream our sessions live on YouTube. If you have registered for the session, you will receive the YouTube link via email.