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age specific webinars

talk to a scientist about Biofilms and Beehives!

July 31, 2021

Talk To A Scientist hosted our first age-specific webinar for 13-18 years. In this webinar we learnt about biofilms, using an analogy (comparison) with beehives, highlighting the similarities and differences between them. Content was prepared with 13-18 year olds in mind.

Sneak peeks from the age specific webinar

Family quiz series

April 25, 2021

4-5 pm IST

May 23, 2021

4-5 PM IST

june 20, 2021

4-5 PM IST

TTAS hosted a summer family quiz series!

Our young minds shared the joy of science and TTAS with their families.

All in a fun, engaging, virtual format.

Top scoring families received Amazon gift vouchers!

Sneak peeks from Quiz 1

With Quiz Scoring Master Samatha Mathew

Sneak peeks from Quiz 2

With Quiz Scoring Master Sohini Chakraborti

Sneak peeks from Quiz 3

With Quiz Scoring Master Virendra Mathur

All content is free for use in virtual family get togethers, parties, science clubs!