Session Peeks

See what young minds have to say about

Talk To A Scientist!

COVID Vaccines (guest speaker)

Primatology (guest speaker)

Computational Medicine Discovery (guest speaker)

Zebrafish (guest speaker)

Black Holes (guest speaker)

Plant Communication (guest speaker)

Polymers (guest speaker)

Orchids (guest speaker)

Becoming a Scientist!

Doing biscuit science to understand how science works! :)

Hands on session - Body Temperature


Diatoms! (guest speaker)

Space (guest speaker)

Our Microbiome


Malaria (guest speaker)

Science of Spiders (hands on/guest speaker)

Tuberculosis (guest snippet)


Human Body's Matrix (guest speaker)

Skin Pigmentation (guest speaker)

Medical Biotechnology in India

(guest speaker)

Animal Behavior (guest speaker)