Session Peeks

our sessions are a blast!

Phytochemicals (guest speaker)

Evolution and Learning (guest speaker)

Aging (guest speaker)

Neuroscience and mental health (guest speaker)

Cancer Biology (guest speaker)

Sleep in Animals (guest speaker)

Phytochemicals (guest speaker)

Evolution and Learning (guest speaker)

Astrobiology (guest speaker)

Biofilms and Beehives (age specific session)

Bacterial toxins and antitoxins (guest speaker)

Electromicrobiology (guest speaker)

COVID Vaccines (guest speaker)

Primatology (guest speaker)

Computational Medicine Discovery (guest speaker)

Zebrafish (guest speaker)

Black Holes (guest speaker)

Plant Communication (guest speaker)

Polymers (guest speaker)

Orchids (guest speaker)

Becoming a Scientist!

Doing biscuit science to understand how science works! :)

Hands on session - Body Temperature


Diatoms! (guest speaker)

Space (guest speaker)

Our Microbiome


Malaria (guest speaker)

Science of Spiders (hands on/guest speaker)

Tuberculosis (guest snippet)


Human Body's Matrix (guest speaker)

Skin Pigmentation (guest speaker)

Medical Biotechnology in India

(guest speaker)

Animal Behavior (guest speaker)